Foreshore Investigative Licence Application for Floating Cork

June 9th 2023

November 2022

Foreshore Investigative Licence Application for Floating Cork

Source Galileo has applied to the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage for a Foreshore Investigative Licence to continue ongoing development activities for Floating Cork Offshore Wind Farm.

While the Floating Cork wind turbines themselves will lie entirely beyond the 12nm foreshore limit, a cable to connect the wind farm to the onshore grid network will need to run across the foreshore area seabed. The licence will enable the project team to arrange and carry out a series of seabed surveys that cross the foreshore area in a narrow route corridor. The results from the foreshore surveys will be used by the project team to help determine the best location for the cable.

FC map
The proposed turbine array area is outlined in red, and lies entirely outside the foreshore. The foreshore licence application relates to a route corridor from the outlined area to the coast.

Understanding the physical and ecological conditions

If the licence is granted the survey activities will consist of geophysical, geotechnical, benthic and metocean surveys that will be carried out on a phased basis. The survey results will provide a baseline understanding of the physical and ecological conditions in the surveyed area. Environmental and design decisions will be informed by the data.

Get more details on the foreshore investigative licence application here, and news of a public consultation event to discuss the application, the survey and the project will be promoted locally to the project and on this website.